What’s my CRM RealmID? Server-based integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint

Today our colleagues needed the CRM RealmID which is shown during the configration of Server-based integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

Normal location to find CRM RealmID (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn949332.aspx#BKMK_findcrmrealmid):

Get the Dynamics 365 Realm ID

  1. Start the Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration wizard. Go to  single chinese girls Settings >  sites for cougars Document Management.
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  3. The ID is displayed next to  Dynamics 365 Realm Id on the page.


Save the Dynamics 365 Realm ID in a text file on a secure network share or cloud-based storage. Then you can easily retrieve it from the location where you run the Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration wizard.

As someone else has configured it and hasn’t made a note of the RealmID (as noted in Tip), we were lost into where to get this ID.

After googling a little, we couldn’t find an answer.

Thanks to our colleague Philip, we found that the CRM Realm ID is actually the same as the organization ID shown in Developer Resources:

I hope this information helps others.

Good luck!