CRM2015 – 5 service account for free!

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beautiful russian girls Ever needed to integrate with CRM Online/OnPremise and don’t wanna use a License for it?

vegetarian dating sites Just read on and find out about the 5 ‘service accounts’ Microsoft gives us for use in non-interactive actions against CRM.

single parent dating site When connecting to CRM, with any tool that only uses the CRM Webservices (SDK) you can use these accounts.
They are free of charge/licensing from Microsoft, isn’t that great!

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Non-interactive users are often used when writing service-to-service code because they do not use up a license. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows for five free non-interactive users

For CRM OnPremise this is an easy action;
– Change the users Access Mode to ‘non-interactive’.

For CRM Online this is an less obivious action;
– Create User in Office365
– Assign an CRM Online License
– Assign an CRM Role (System Administrator or a certain role you want the user to have).
– Change the users Access Mode to ‘non-interactive’
– Remove the CRM Online License from the user
– Check if you can still connect with the user and you’re ready to go!
(Allow some time in between the actions, O365 needs some time for replicating the new settings)

Have fun with your 5! free service accounts!