Deploy Outlook Sync Filters using CRM Views and Filters Toolkit

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What we wanted is deploying our (custom) Views as Outlook Sync Filters to all users.

As I found there were no real life examples of the Abiti fucsia in maglia CRM 2011 Views and Filters Toolkit (

I decided to show you how I setup a solution that helps you to get the Outlook Sync Filters up and running for (all of) you users.

In short you’ll have to follow these actions:

  1. Create a view where you’ll define your sync filters.
  2. Create a workflow where you’ll deploy your filters.
  3. Create a workflow which resets your users Outlook Sync Filter.

As action 1 is pretty clear, we’ll start with the second action.

Sommerkleider wetlook-kleider This screenshot shows a workflow that deploys 3 default outlook filters:

I’ll explain only the first entity ‘Recurring Appointments’:

First Step:

We retrieve the view, made in step 1.

Second step:

Next, we’ll deploy (or update) the OutlookTemplate view in the database, based on the results of our first step.

Third step:

Here we’ll define the newly created view (result of previous step) as the Default Outlook Sync Filter.


Fourth step:

Next we’ll also configure the same result (from step 2) as default sync filter for the user where we ran the workflow for.


The previous workflow can be ran on all users, but you could also decide to not do the last step (4) and use the following workflow to configure the Default Outlook Sync Filter for the user(s).


Bestickte kleider viskose The Reset User Sync Filters Workflow:

Content of step:

That’s all it needs to reset the users Outlook Sync Filters to the (new) Defaults!

So only 2 workflows, both on the User entity for setting/resetting the new Outlook Sync Filters

Keep in mind that all new users automatically get the newly Outlook Sync Filters applied as they are the new Default.

So you’ll actually only need to run the first workflow once after initial setup (or after changes). The second workflow is only needed to reset the users Outlook Sync Filters after a change in the first workflow.

Hope this helps you get started with the Kleider grüne satin CRM (2011) Views and Filters Toolkit.